Selected Projects


We are happy to announce that 25 projects were selected within the 1st Call of START. Lead Partners come from 12 Danube Region Countries and mainly represent NGOs, universities and research institutes.

More information to the selected START projects are provided in the following documents:

Kick-Off Meeting for Lead- and Project Partners on May 6th 2015 


On May 6th 2015, the first START-workshop for Lead and Project Partners took place in Vienna. PA10 provided the representatives of 21 projects out of the 25 selected with important information on the implementation of their START-project. In the morning, the workshop addressed general questions, such as how to report activities, how to declare expenses, and where to find relevant information. The session in the afternoon focused on the START Online Tool. Afterwards, the participants took the chance to share experiences and ask specific questions concerning their projects during an open session.
It was a pleasure meeting the Lead and Project Partners of the first call in person!

The second call of START is being prepared. Relevant information will be announced on this page by end of May 2015.

First call: Final decision communicated to applicants on January 19th 2015


After a thorough decentralised assessment of all applications through the relevant Priority Area Coordination (incl. their Steering Groups) and a final Plausibility Check conducted by PA10 (taking under consideration the thematic and geographic balance) the final decision of support by the pilot initiative START was communicated to all applicants per e-mail on January 19th 2015.

  • In total 25 projects from all Priority Areas and involving partners from all Danube Region Countries were selected
  • The entire budget of the START Fund € 900.000,00 was allocated to support the selected projects.

Did you apply for START support and did not receive a decision e-mail? Please contact

Looking at the high number of applications, this first call has encountered a great success. This success would not have been possible without the contribution of each applicant and the high effort of all Priority Area Coordinators in the course of the Pre-Selection procedure. We would like to thank all involved parties for their commitment and their great work!

List  of selected projects

FIRST CALL for proposals: 18.07.2014 to 17.09.2014 – CLOSED


  • 651 formally correct applications were submitted
  • We received applications from all 14 Danube Region countries
  • Most lead applicants came from Slovenia (120), followed by Serbia (104), Hungary (91) andRomania (76)
  • Regarding the type of organisations, most lead applicants were NGOs (360) followed byuniversities/research institutes (137) and public agencies/organisations (76).

Facts&figures Call 1


How much funding is available?


The amount of the START – Call 1 EU grants can range between € 10.000 and € 40.000 per project. In addition, project partners must co-finance min. 10% of the total project costs, from their own resources or other (non-EU) sources.

As START is a Seed Money, 50% pre-financing is paid after project selection, to provide sufficient cash-flow. A second pre-financing (up to 25%) can be paid after validation of the interim report, halfway through the project duration. The payment of the balance is done after validation of the final report and expenses declared.