The Danube Region has a heritage of deep political transformation, including post-communist transition, national separatism and the foundation of new states. This makes bridging political divides particularly important. Changing mentalities, building confidence amongst stakeholders and improving skills in public administration are pre-requisits for a profound systemic change, but also takes time to be implemented. Transferring knowledge and exchanging experiences are important tools for strengthening institutional capacities and improving administrative performance within countries and regions as well as for cooperation across borders.


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Cities and municipalities, regional administrations, social partners, civil society organisations and academia are crucial stakeholders for the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The involvement and engagement of local actors in decision-making processes and policy implementation is needed in order to develop suitable solutions that meet the needs of its target groups, contribute to a smooth and efficient policy implementation and – eventually – to bring the strategy to the ground.


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The absorption of funds varies throughout the region. Thus, the coordination and use of funds needs to be improved and strengthened through know-how transfer and further measures such as providing assistance to increase the skills in designing and implementing projects with a cross border and transnational impact. Furthermore, the use of different funding opportunities in the region should be improved.


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