Prosperity through diversity – Following the motto of the EU Danube Strategy, we aim at strengthening trust between public authorities and civil society for better cooperation for the well-being of people living in the Danube Region.

Against this background we established the Participation Days. The Participation Days are a format that brings together representatives of local, regional and national public administrations, civil society, the EU and Danube Strategy governance and further interested stakeholders of the Danube Strategy. In doing so, the Participation Days promote cross-sectoral cooperation, exchange know-how and experience and facilitate better coordination between the Danube Strategy and projects.

The objective of Participation Days is to strengthen trust between public and private stakeholders for participatory governance and to co-create sustainable solutions for regional development in the Danube Region.


How do we strengthen mutual trust between state and non-state actors?

ACTION 6: To foster cooperation built on mutual trust between state and non-state actors to enhance well-being for the inhabitants of the Danube Region

TARGET 6: Encouraging all EUSDR partner countries to involve national, regional and local authorities, as well as civil society organisations and further relevant stakeholders in the communication and implementation of the EUSDR through implementing national/regional Participation Days.

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The Participation Days provide a platform for representatives from public authorities and civil society organisations to develop ways of cooperation. In doing so, the Participation Days offer a unique opportunity to align projects and initiatives with the Danube Strategy’s objectives and actions. Representatives of the EUSDR governance get valuable insights into needs and experiences of various stakeholders in relation with the implementation of the Danube Strategy. Likewise, civil society organisations, public authorities, research institutions, businesses and other stakeholders get the chance to learn how to contribute to targeted regional development and how to gain more impact from initiatives.



Danube Participation Day

Upcoming: 8th Danube Participation Day | Digitalisation & Participation | 25 & 26 Oct. 2021

8th Danube Participation Day


The Danube Participation Days are the annual platform for stakeholders in the Danube Region for participatory governance in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). The conference – that is held back to back with the EUSDR Annual Forum – offers the opportunity to exchange, network and to further develop ideas and projects on participatory governance in the Danube Region. The coordination team of Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation” in Vienna is organising the Danube Participation Day in cooperation with the Danube Civil Society Forum, local partners and with support from the EUSDR Presidency.


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National Participation Day


Informations- und Beteiligungstag zur Donauraumstrategie am 29. Juni 2017 in Stuttgart

In the EUSDR Action Plan, all 14 partner countries of the Danube Region commit to foster cooperation built on mutual trust. National and regional Participation Days – or National Hearings – aim at providing a platform to reconcile strategic objectives with concrete ways of cooperation. Thereby, EUSDR representatives, public authorities and civil society organisations have the potential to develop the next steps to create more positive impact for development in the Danube Region.








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