Prosperity through diversity – Following the motto of the EU Danube Strategy, we aim at strengthening trust between public authorities and civil society for better cooperation for the well-being of people living in the Danube Region.
The Danube Participation Day gathers representatives from civil society organisations, local, regional and national public authorities, university and research from the 14 EUSDR partner countries, representatives from the EUSDR governance as well as from European and international organisations. The aim is to foster cooperation and participation for better development in the Danube Region. Thus, the Danube Participation Days serves as a platform for exchanging views and perceptions among each other, discussing good-practices of participatory governance and project implementations as well as for getting involved with decision-makers.

The Danube Participation Day is organised by Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation” and the Danube Civil Society Forum together with further partners and funded by the Danube Civil Society Forum, the Baden-Württemberg Foundation as well as Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation”.

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11th Danube Participation Day | 19 June 2024
The 11th Danube Participation Day will pick up the discussions from last year's conference and explore success factors for and lessons learned from macro-regional cooperation in support for recovery and development towards EU membership in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. This year's Danube Participation Day will take place in Vienna (AT) back-to-back with the 13th EUSDR Annual Forum.

More information will follow in due course.

Danube Participation Days | Overview

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10th Danube Participation Day
Ukraine’s recovery towards EU membership
The 10th Danube Participation Day took place in Ljubljana (SI) on 23 October 2023 and focussed on how participatory governance and macro-regional cooperation support Ukraine's accession to the EU.
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7th Danube Participation Day
Youth Participation in the Danube Region
The 7th Danube Participation Day took place online on 21 October and continued the discussion on how to involve young people in the Danube Region.
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8th Danube Participation Day
Digitalisation and Participation
On 25 and 26 October 2021, the 8th Danube Participation Day addressed participation in the context of digitalisation. The conference was held online.
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9th Danube Participation Day
Resilience through Diversity
The 9th Danube Participation Day will take place on 18 October and focuses on participatory governance to strengthen a resilient development in the Danube Region.
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4th Danube Participation Day
Science meets Participation, Innovation and Sustainability
The 4th Danube Participation Day took place in Budapest (HU) on 17 October 2017 and provided the opportunity to work together on the Agenda for Participation.
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5th Danube Participation Day
Expanding Civic Spaces
Platforms for participatory governance and counter-acting the shrinking of civic space in Europe was at the centre of discussion at the 5th Danube Participation Day in Sofia (BG) on 17 October 2018.
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6th Danube Participation Day
Youth – Participation – Empowerment
At the 6th Danube Participation Day in Bucharest (RO) on 26 June 2019, representatives from civil society, youth organisations, public authorities and reseatch discussed how to strengthen youth participation.
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1st Danube Participation Day
Local Actors and Participation
The kick-off of the Danube Participation Days took place in Eisenstadt (AT) on 25 June 2014. The 1st Danube Participation Day addressed participatory governance in the Danube Strategy focussing on the perspectives of civil society, local administrations, and youth.
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2nd Danube Participation Day
Shared History – Common Future
On 29 and 30 October 2015, the 2nd Danube Participation Day in Ulm (DE) addressed participation in various contexts of territorial development, ranging from social entrepreneuship to financing, from media to migration.
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3rd Danube Participation Day
Working towards sustainable development- Civil Society, Local Actors and EU Strategy
The 3rd Danube Participation Day in Bratislava (SK) was organised on 2 November 2016. The conference presented and discussed contributions from civil society and local actors to a more sustainable Danube Region.