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The ‘Strategic Project Webinars’ are a series of webinars that address questions on funding and provides practical insights in project development for topics related to the actions of Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation”. Our aim is to provide concrete and practical information and tips to support our stakeholders in developing strategic projects. Thereby, we provide a compact overview on state of the art expertise and relevant financing opportunities. Likewise, we want to encourage networking and match-making of partners.


The Strategic Project Webinars are an initiative by Priority Area 10 “Institutional Capacity and Cooperation” and funded by the Danube Transnational Programme.


The webinar on “Funding for civil society and local actors” provided an overview of EU funding that is relevant for civil society organisations and local actors such as cities and municipalities. Thereby, the webinar provided a classification of funding programmes to provide guidance on which types of activities they support and which technical requirements applicants have to fulfill. Likewise, the webinar presented useful databases, such as the EuroAccess funding database and the KEEP project database by Interact.

The Webinar on “Youth Projects in the Danube Region” (21 June 2022) provided guidance on how youth organisations can develop successful projects. Likewise,  it presented how stakeholders develop successful projects that involve young people. Furthermore, the webinar focussed on the most relevant EU funding sources for youth and cooperation networks in Europe.

The Webinar on “Cross-border (Public) Services” (27 September 2022) presented benefits and supporting factors to set up cross-border public services. Likewise, the webinar focussed on practical insights on how to develop and implement cross-border services. Finally, the webinar addressed supporting initiatives to develop strategies and services for border regions.

The Webinar on”Digitalisation in Cities & Municipalities” (10 November 2022) provided good practices from smart village initiatives, presented insights into success factors and preconditions for the effective implementation of smart solutions for cities and municipalities as well as relevant funding information.

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